The Impact Platinum Mastermind

The Impact Platinum Mastermind

The Impact Platinum Mastermind

Successful people have very busy lives and to be blunt, they usually want to mastermind with people who are at or above the level they are at right now. That’s why the mix of a group like a group like this is so important.


I started with the people I wanted to mastermind with the most and then invited people that I think will be a perfect match for people I first put in the group because…

  1. They are already operating at a very high level.
  2. They will contribute in a powerful way to the group.
  3. They will match the spirit and goals of the group.

The investment to be in the group is $5,000 per year.

Imagine 6 to 12 of the people YOU most want to work with in a group that meets in person three times a year for a day or two on an ongoing basis with an online platform for maintaining those relationships in between the live events, plus an optional 4th event just for fun.

We will decide as a group exactly where to hold the events, how to schedule them, and what format the events will take.

I handpick people for this group one by one because there’s a nagging desire in my brain to take things up a notch.

  • Higher level, not lower.
  • A longer time-frame, not less.
  • More commitment, not less.
  • Deeper involvement, not less.

Okay, not exactly a marriage, but at least a year-long relationship.

At the end of the year, we can decide if we want to extend it, but here’s the level of commitment.

  • One year commitment
  • 3 – “meet in person” 1 – 2 day masterminds
  • 6 – 12 people in the mastermind
  • All invested serious entrepreneurs who are hand-picked, for quality, positive generous spirit, clear synergy, and high commitment level.

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